Memories of my Braces

Rummaging through my old stuff in my mother’s house, I had discovered a lot of my childhood things. Just some of the things I had found included my old soccer shoes my father bought me when I was nine, a medal from the first game I had won, and even my very first soccer jersey. But when I dug in deeper into one of the boxes, I found a small square case. Inside the case were my braces which I wore from twelve to sixteen years old. Now I could just picture myself being the soccer player with braces. I just kept having flashbacks of those years.


Invisalign braces

I remember way back trying to argue with my mom that getting braces wasn’t a good idea. I just thought that it would interfere my being a soccer player. Maybe my teammates would even make fun of me so I just kept on saying no to getting braces. After days of arguing with my mother, we had to come to a closure and that was to get braces. What did I get? Well my father promised to buy me the latest model of spikes then and I had been looking to get those shoes for some time.

During the process of getting my braces, I just thought of the new shoes I would be getting. After I had gotten my braces, my mouth just felt numb but on my mind, I was still thinking of the new spikes. I was really excited when we went into the shop. A couple minutes later, I exited the store a very happy soccer player. When I went to practice the next week, I obviously wore the new shoes. All of my teammates were so engrossed on my new shoes that they hardly noticed I had any braces on. They did notice when practice was over.

During schooldays, I still had the feeling of being uncomfortable with my braces because there did seem to be a social stigma with these things. However, being an athlete made me feel a little more comfortable so it was just like I didn’t have any braces on. I did made a number of friends and one of the guys who I got really close with apparently also had braces of his own. So as time went on, we became best friends. We even would sometimes get the color of our braces to match or be exact opposites on the color wheel. If his was red, mine was blue, or we’d both be the same color.

As time went on, I kind of grew attached to my braces. When the time came to get my braces removed, I had mixed feelings. Part of me still wanted them on while the other part was relieved to get them off. At least I wouldn’t have to be burdened with cleaning it from now on. When I did get the braces removed, I asked the orthodontist if I could keep it and had it placed in a small square case which I placed into my memory box.



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