Invisalign as an Alternative to Braces

While I was typing away on my keyboard on morning while sipping some coffee, my 12 year old son approached me and asked why his teeth were so crooked. I felt bad at the time because I had not noticed how crooked his teeth were. I tried explaining to him about how teeth can go the wrong way and in the end he asked if there was any way to try to make it straight. He wanted to get his teeth straight because his friends would comment on how different his teeth were from theirs and he felt like an outcast. I tried suggesting braces but he immediately said he didn’t want braces because they don’t look good and he might still be teased. I was stumped.

Amazing Smiles Orthodontics


The situation was kind of confusing and solutions were torn. My son wanted to have straight teeth but didn’t want to have to suffer wearing braces which can be uncomfortable and looks bad. I tried encouraging him and convincing him to wear braces by telling him you can add color to it and tell him he can get it in his favorite color, blue. But that just didn’t work. I was also starting to get angry because my son just kept on whining about getting his teeth straight but didn’t want the only solution I knew. But then I remembered when I was a kid myself. Although it was in a different situation, you always want to fit in and look good.

I tried looking around and asking my friends who had children who got teeth alignment correction and all of them had worn braces. I introduced my son to them and let him get more comfortable about the concept of braces. My son started not minding how the braces looked but the fact that they cannot be removed and you cannot eat some types of food. My son loved eating licorice and chocolate and he didn’t want to part from it while wearing braces.

Middle school was fast approaching and my son was eager to find a way to straighten out his teeth. One time while I was on my way home from the store, I saw an ad about “clear braces”. This definitely caught my attention so I gave them a call. I also did more research on it and found the perfect solution. I knew my son would love this.

What made these invisalign braces great was the fact that they were clear so no one would know if you were even wearing one. Another one thing to consider getting this is the fact that invisalign braces can be removed when desired, so you can eat anything you want. My son just loved it and although it was pricier compared to traditional braces, I can say that the advantages invisalign had to offer make the deal great. During my son’s time in school, no one noticed he was wearing anything on his teeth and when he got home and preparing to eat, he just simply removed it.


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