1. Orthodontics is for people of all ages. One of the most common misconceptions about orthodontic work is that it is for young people, and that if you don’t get braces when you are young then you simply missed your chance to do so. It may come as a great surprise for many people that in fact, the most common braces user today is over 30. There are is world of new products which allow for adults to correct their teeth without anyone knowing about it, such as clear braces, and braces placed on the back of teeth. The fact that adults can get their teeth corrected without using traditional braces has helped many people to make the decision to get braces, even later in life. It is also important to consider that not only can older patients get braces, but that many of them should get braces for oral health reasons. There are a number of orthodontic problems which can have a negative impact on the heath of people’s teeth. An overbite, for instance, can cause the teeth to have a point of impact with each other with could weaken teeth over time, and lead to chipping. In older patients, braces may be a solution to the prospect of eventually losing their teeth. On sites such as,, there is further information for adults that have questions about what braces can do for them. The family dentist should also be able to answer questions about adult braces for their patients.
  2. Orthodontics has not always been a big part of oral healthcare. Today it is so common to see people with braces that we hardly even notice braces when we see them, but thirty or so years ago that was not at all the case. In the past he dental community had an attitude towards orthodontics that was a bit skeptical. Many dentists would advise their patients that orthodontic work was a painful and unneeded thing to get involved in, and that orthodontics might actually harm their teeth. The majority of the negative attitude expressed by dentists in the past can be attributed to ignorance, and as orthodontic work progressed over the years there was a buildup of studies which helped reveal just how important orthodontic work is to people. Today dentists are usually the first people to recommend orthodontics to their patients when they are in need of braces. Dentists and orthodontists have also developed ways in which the two can work together in order to keep their patient’s mouths healthier and their smiles more attractive.
  3. There are over one hundred thousand orthodontists working in the country today. Orthodontic work is an extremely popular option for dental students for a few good reasons. To start with, orthodontists make more money on average than traditional dentist, by around 20 percent. There is also a huge demand for more orthodontists which has yet to be met, and that means that those who study orthodontics can rest assured that they will have plenty of work when they finish school.

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